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“One of the valuable lessons I learned from GRIL U is confidence and building a foundation to speak in front of people. I have the capability to do what I want to do,” she says, “and I’m learning how to use my voice to command a room to ensure my voice is being heard.”

2013 GRIL U Graduate, Toni Evans

Toni Evans graduated from The Potter’s House High School in 2015 and Cornerstone University in 2020. While at Potters House she went through the GRIL U teen program with the Navigators when she was 15 years old. She loves everything art: from being a self-entrepreneur in designing custom denim jackets, to dabbling in calligraphy and acrylic paint. The most significant memory for Toni was when the GRIL participants were asked to create a breakthrough plan that showed their future goals and aspirations. Toni was the overachiever, constructing an artistic masterpiece that detailed her intricate 10-year plan. “I cut a trifold in half and created a butterfly where each wing was a representation of my goals in life.” When asked if she had accomplished all of those goals, seven years later. “No,” she laughed. “I’m not married yet.”

During her college years, Toni was one of the founders of the Kingdom Diversity Department at Cornerstone University. There, Toni planned multicultural events, showcasing the diversity of the student body. She’s worked at the multicultural fashion and talent show, cultural dance parties, “Friendsgiving” meals with international students, and even a “national hair day event.” While attending Cornerstone, she was the only African-American student in her education department. She loves learning about different cultures, and through her work and example, stresses the importance of community in diversity.

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